Non Alcoholic Jasmine Mimosa Mocktail

Jewelled Jasmine Mimosa Mock-Tail

We’re delighted to share one of our Mighty Brew Kombucha Signature mock-tails with you. This one is to try with our Jasmine Kombucha. We’ve kept it local and put this menu together with the wonderful Liz. She’s the bar manager at Green’s Bar & Kitchen, another great independent Winchester business like ourselves. It was really important to us to make sure our non-alcoholic drink recipes made using our vegan kombucha remained vegan as non-alcoholic drinks too.

Jewelled Jasmine Mimosa Recipe

Our Jewelled Jasmine Mimosa is a twist on the traditional celebratory mimosa cocktail which is usually composed of champagne or sparkling wine and chilled citrus juice. Here we’ve used pomegranate for it’s beautiful colour and fresh flavour, the Mighty Brew Jasmine Kombucha for fragrance and fizz, with apple juice for sweetness.

Muddle together:

• 2 teaspoons fresh pomegranate seeds

• 6 mint leaves

• 35ml organic apple juice

Shake. Double strain into a flute.

Add 75ml Mighty Brew Jasmine Kombucha.

Finish with a garnish of:

• Pomegranate seeds dropped into base of flute

• Sprig of mint pegged to the side

A beautifully refined, flavourful mock-tail!

We hope you’ll have as much fun making and drinking this Jasmine Kombucha tea mock-tail as we have!

Let us know how you get on … we’d love to hear from you.

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