Our Kombucha Range

About Mighty Brew

Mighty Brew Kombucha is a premium sparkling fermented tea that tastes deliciously elegant and subtle thanks to our unique use of premium natural botanicals. Our Raw Organic Mighty Brew Kombucha is an outstanding non-alcoholic health-focused drink, that’s low in sugar and calories. It’s also bursting with live cultures, minerals, vitamins, organic acids and nutrients indispensable for the proper functioning of the body.

Expertly brewed by us in Winchester, Hampshire to the highest standards of production respecting time-honoured techniques. We use only the freshest, finest ingredients that nature can offer, ensuring that Mighty Brew is certified Soil Association Organic and Vegan Certified.

We are dedicated to ethically sourced Organic and Vegan products, and our Mighty Brew real kombucha drinks are great to enjoy whether you’re relaxing at home, seeing friends or out and about!