Heritage Mixed Case - 6 x 750ml

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Celebrate and enjoy life every day! Mighty Brew Heritage x Liz Earle Wellbeing kombucha is specially matured to enhance its Champagne-like qualities, for a more sophisticated sensory experience. Our Mixed Case pack is a great way to share delicious Heritage sparkling goodness with friends and family. Ideal for parties or special occasions, Heritage is a wonderfully refreshing alcohol-free alternative to Champagne or Prosecco. Simply pop the cork of a chilled bottle and let the party begin! Delightfully elegant when served in a champagne glass.

Heritage Mixed Case is a selection of 6 bottles (2 of each flavour)

  • 2 x Blush Rose with its beautiful colour is a wonderful alcohol-free pink bubbly. Bursting with the delicate and naturally sweet taste of fragrant rose, combined harmoniously with a hint of fresh raspberry.
  • 2 x Elderflower Sec is the ideal non-alcoholic festive fizz. Fresh citrusy notes of elderflower blossom are sublimely balanced with the exquisite crisp, dryness of white Muscat grape.
  • 2 x Jasmine Bellini is a charming, non-alcoholic twist to the classic Peach Bellini. Subtle floral notes of white jasmine perfectly paired with ripe, fragrant peach.


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