Organic Elderflower Kombucha

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The enlivening fragrance of our floral Mighty Brew Elderflower Kombucha lifts the senses with the sweet, subtle taste of delicate white elderflower blossom. Elderflower has been enjoyed as a refreshing drink for generations. A firm family favourite throughout the year.

Our Elderflower Kombucha with its floral, light citrusy, and grassy notes pairs delightfully with European and American dishes. It has a gentle, pear-like flavour. A healthy non-alcoholic alternative and a perfect low-calorie replacement to soft sugary drinks.

Mighty Brew Awards

Ingredients: Filtered water, Organic Sencha tea, Organic Assam tea, Elderflower extract, Organic unrefined cane sugar, Organic kombucha culture.
Certified: Soil Association Organic, Vegan
Real Live, Raw & Unpasteurised Kombucha
Sugar: 4.2g/100ml
Calories: 20kcal/100ml
Organic Mighty Brew Elderflower Kombucha is brewed following a time-honoured double fermentation process; bursting with live cultures, along with minerals, vitamins, organic acids and nutrients. Made using an advanced three stage water filtration system for purity. With zero flavourings, sweeteners, colours, preservatives or GMOs. Available in either a handy 275ml or sharing 750ml recyclable glass bottle with a BPA and PVC free lid.


Mighty Brew Elderflower Kombucha is a sparkling fermented Japanese Sencha and elderflower tea. At Mighty Brew we use the highly regarded Japanese Sencha green tea for the first fermentation. Sencha is not ground as with other teas. Instead, the Sencha leaves are gently steamed, rolled, shaped and then dried to capture their distinctive flavour.

We then add the organic white elderflower blossoms for the second fermentation. Elderflower is found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. It is a bush-like tree that produces delicate white flowers in May, which turn into dark fruits later in the season. Elderflower grows in temperate climates and has been used in Northern Europe for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years to make syrups, medicines and drinks. The fragrant, naturally sweet taste of delicate elderflower really compliments the herbaceous and grassy profile of the Sencha green tea. This combination produces a wonderfully refreshing drink.

Elderflower is believed to have a variety of health benefits. It has been used in folk medicine for its potential antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties my also help alleviate some allergies and boost the functioning of the immune system.

Serving Suggestions

Ready Steady Serve
Enlivening Elderflower Kombucha refreshes the senses with the sweet, subtle taste of delicate white elderflower blossom. A wonderfully fragrant and refreshing drink, it goes well with traditional summer fruits such as strawberries and raspberries. It also compliments tart fruits like gooseberries and rhubarb within desserts, or as a sweet addition to many savoury flavours.

Mighty Brew Elderflower Kombucha is delicious on its own and also makes a great mixer and a healthy alternative to sugary lemonade. Why not try combining Elderflower Kombucha with fresh pear juice, lemon, garden mint and ice for something a little bit different?

Food Pairing

Enjoy with American and Modern European cuisine.

Pour into a tall glass as a non-alcoholic drink alternative to a beer with savoury snacks.

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