Our Kombucha

Mighty Brew

At Mighty Brew Kombucha we are dedicated to perfecting exceptional Kombucha with all-natural taste. Our award-winning Kombucha is expertly brewed by us here in Hampshire to the highest standards of production respecting time-honoured techniques. From field to bottle we invest both love and dedication, for a wonderfully healthy, sparkling fermented tea drink that’s non-alcoholic, low in sugar and calories. It tastes deliciously elegant and subtle thanks to our unique use of premium natural botanicals.

We are passionate about the need for our real Kombucha to follow the full fermentation journey. It allows us to make sure we use only the freshest, finest ingredients that nature can offer – filtered water, Organic tea, Organic unrefined cane sugar, premium Organic botanicals and Organic Kombucha culture.

Mighty Brew premium Kombucha is raw, unpasteurised and packed with nature’s goodness. It’s bursting with live cultures, along with minerals, vitamins, organic acids and nutrients indispensable for the proper functioning of the body. This authentic Kombucha is made using an advanced three stage water filtration system for purity and it contains zero flavourings, sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

4 flavours

Mighty Brew Botanical Range

There is a growing awareness and interest in botanicals as part of ‘being healthy, staying healthy’. We have carefully chosen the different botanicals for Mighty Brew Kombucha taking into consideration their elegant and subtle taste, as well as the potential health and well-being benefits that they are traditionally believed to offer. Our Mighty Brew Botanical range includes classic Sencha, fragrant Jasmine, citrusy Lemongrass, and floral Elderflower. We love that the passing of the year is marked by different seasons and that each season brings its own wonder and beauty. That’s why we’re passionate about offering special limited edition Kombucha such as Winter Chai and Summer Bliss, recognising the different health and wellness needs that each season brings.


Mighty Brew Heritage Range

We are delighted to collaborate with Liz Earle Wellbeing founded by our friend Liz Earle MBE for this celebratory cork and cage Heritage range. Mighty Brew Heritage X Liz Earle Wellbeing Kombucha is specially matured to enhance its Champagne and Prosecco-like qualities, for a more sophisticated sensory experience. Our range includes Heritage Blush Rose with its delicate pink colour and expressive bouquet; Heritage Elderflower Sec with its citrusy floral notes and exquisitely dry taste; and Jasmine Bellini with its charming hue and fruity flavour. Serve in a champagne glass for a refreshingly elegant way to celebrate and enjoy life every day!