Mighty Brew On ITV's This Morning

Mighty Brew On ITV’s This Morning

ITV’s This Morning Show Featuring Mighty Brew Kombucha

We were absolutely delighted when Mighty Brew was unexpectedly featured on This Morning with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford. On the show, they explored the wonderful world of kombucha, guided by health and well-being guru Liz Earle.

What did Eamonn think when he tried kombucha for the first time?

We’re very excited to say that the first kombucha that Eamonn ever tried was our very own Mighty Brew Sencha Kombucha. As part of the teaser to the actual feature it sounded like he had been taunted with talk of sour, vinegary kombucha. He really was expecting the worst.

In Eamonn’s own inimitable words he was expecting kombucha, “to taste like horse urine or something!”. However it only took a “wee swig” and he seemed to be very pleasantly surprised, “oh it’s nice, it tastes just like cider”. In fact it looked like he was enjoying Mighty Brew so much he just couldn’t stop sipping from the bottle.

Eamonn and Ruth also went on to try our Mighty Brew Lemongrass Kombucha as part of a kombucha line up. With an, “Oh this is nice. I like this one” from Ruth and a “this is very pleasant” from Eamonn. We were so pleased to show that kombucha can be both healthy and delicious for everyone.

Is kombucha the must-have health drink?

The team looked at what kombucha actually does and why you would want to drink it. It was great to hear them share with the country the knowledge that seasoned kombucha lovers and fermenting followers already benefit from:

“Kombucha is good for your gut and has been proved to have benefits for digestion, immunity and even boost mood. All fermented foods contain live microorganisms known as probiotics. Introducing probiotics to your diet means having more good bacteria in your gut which fight off the bad bacteria and infections.” Supercharge Your Day With Kombucha, ITV This Morning (Tuesday 4th August 2020)

So what makes Mighty Brew that little bit different?

We brew our kombucha in Hampshire following time-honoured double fermentation techniques. We use only the finest sustainably sourced organic ingredients and pure botanicals. That’s what gives Mighty Brew its distinctly delicious, clean, pure flavour compared to any other kombucha you might try. This is fully fermented, raw and unpasteurised kombucha packed with live cultures. As Liz highlighted, you can even see some of the SCOBY gently resting in the bottom of the bottle. It’s bursting with nature’s goodness and contains zero flavourings, extracts, sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

 Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing Mighty Brew Kombucha is perfect for nourishing mind, body and soul.

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