Mighty Brew Botanical Elderflower Among the Great Taste Winners of 2022

A 2-Star Award Winner!

We’re delighted to announce our Mighty Brew Botanical Elderflower kombucha has been awarded a 2-star Great Taste Award, 2022. Established in 1994 by The Guild of Fine Food, Great Taste is one of the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation schemes. Less than 10% of entries achieve an outstanding 2-star rating for being ‘above and beyond delicious’.

The judges described our Botanical Elderflower kombucha as:

“Very pretty looking drink with a well-balanced floral and fermented aroma. Lovely light fizz in the mouth and the floral notes have been expertly balanced with the sour freshness from the kombucha culture. Refreshing and delicious.”

Great Taste stars are highly respected seals of approval. Food or drink is blind tested by a selected panel of over 500 experts providing honest, straightforward and impartial feedback from chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers. The judges, ‘look for truly great taste, regardless of branding or packaging. They take into account texture, appearance and of course the quality of the ingredients; they will note a good aroma, a decent bite, or a particularly smooth or crunchy texture. But above all else the question remains – does the product taste truly great?’ We really appreciate the recognition. Find out for yourself why the judges rated Mighty Brew Botanical Elderflower kombucha so highly …

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