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Mighty Brew on ITV Love Your Weekend

We were so excited when our non-alcoholic Heritage Blush Rose was featured on Love Your Weekend, with Alan Titchmarsh and guests including legendary radio host Ken Bruce and The Crown’s James Murray.

What did Alan Titchmarsh think when he tried sparkling Blush Rose for the first time?

We’re delighted to say that our award-winning Heritage Blush Rose collaboration with Liz Earle Wellbeing was very well received. In Alan’s own words,

“Oh, that’s nice … That’s really drinkable … A fab Spring or Summer drink … Love that.”

When Alan asked Ken Bruce if he liked our non-alcoholic Blush Rose and if it was good enough to share it with friends, his answer was music to our ears,

“In the garden of an evening or before the meal. I think you could serve that. I certainly would.”

We’d say it’s time to break out the bubbly! Our non-alcoholic Heritage of course.

What makes kombucha the perfect non-alcoholic alternative?

Aleesha explained that the thing she likes so much about kombucha is that,

“When you’re drinking tea and you leave the bag in there and it’s stewed, that is the tannin … so that’s what I really love about kombucha … cos it’s that tannin that gives it that wine mouth-feel.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we also love kombucha as a non-alcoholic option because it’s naturally lower in sugar, lower in calories and packed with live cultures. An all-round healthier alternative!

Why is our Heritage so delicious?

Organic Mighty Brew Heritage Kombucha is brewed following a time-honoured fermentation process and specially matured to enhance its champagne-like quality. With zero flavourings, sweeteners, colours, preservatives, or GMOs. This is artisan brewing at its best and we invest both love and dedication to the entire process, always reaping exceptional taste as a result.

Simply pop the cork of a chilled bottle and enjoy an elegant glass of non-alcoholic, gut-friendly goodness. Keep a bottle or two cooled in the fridge, ready to enjoy at home or to take out to share with friends and family.

We have three delightful flavours for you to enjoy – Heritage Blush Rose, Heritage Elderflower Sec, and Heritage Jasmine Bellini.

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