Did you know there’s a Winchester Books Festival?

Winchester Books Festival 19th – 21st April

As an award-winning, family-owned artisan brewery based locally in Woodmancott, we are delighted to support the Winchester Books Festival 2024. Being able to escape into the world of fiction or nonfiction and learn something new is something to truly encourage and celebrate.

What is the Winchester Books Festival?

Winchester Books Festival is a Community Interest Company. It was founded by three friends who have a mutual love of books: Sophie Liardet, Sian Searles and Louisa Symington. The aim of the Festival is to celebrate the best of writing and books in the City where one of the UK’s best loved and most celebrated writers, Jane Austen, lived and died. This book festival is not just about adults! There’s a Children’s Books Festival with all sorts of fun events that runs at the same time. Here’s what’s on.

Did you know Liz Earle is a speaker this year?

Since 2021, we are proud to have teamed up with Liz Earle Wellbeing and our friend Liz Earle MBE to offer a range of premium cork and cage Mighty Brew Heritage kombucha. Which is why we were so pleased when it was announced that Liz would be speaking about her recent book ‘A Better Second Half: Dial back your age to live a longer, healthier, happier life’ at the Winchester Books Festival on 21st April at The Theatre Royal. Liz will be in conversation with Rebecca Fletcher, discussing how to take charge of your health – physical, mental and emotional – to ensure you future proof your health and happiness. Find out more

Why is it good to read?

The Winchester Books Festival is a great way to encourage everyone to read a book and to enjoy the different benefits that are associated with reading which include:
  • Reducing stress and helping relaxation: Getting lost in a good book is a great escape from the worries and stresses that you might be experiencing in the everyday world. That’s because you must be fully focused on whatever you’re reading.
  • Improving your concentration and memory: Reading is an excellent mental exercise that can push your memory and focus to the limit. Not only should we do physical exercise to be healthy, but we need some mental exercise too!
  • Expanding your vocabulary and strengthening your writing abilities: Reading a well-written book exposes you to more words, and this helps you to be a better communicator and in turn to improve your writing skills.
  • Enhancing your knowledge: When you read anything, whether it’s recipes, magazines, newspapers, articles, or books, your head will be filled with information. You never know when this information might be useful in the future but it will be there ready and waiting!
  • Increasing your imagination and creativity: Reading can help ignite your imagination and creativity. Being immersed in a new world and characters will nurture your brain to develop ideas, possibilities, understanding, and be more open to hearing the opinions of others.

Of course, a good read is even better when accompanied by a glass of thirst-quenching, deliciously organic Mighty Brew kombucha!

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