Organic Heritage Jasmine Bellini Kombucha

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We’ve teamed up with Liz Earle Wellbeing founded by our friend Liz Earle MBE, to bring you the latest flavour in our premium cork and cage Heritage range, Jasmine Bellini Kombucha. Inspired by English orchards, this charming non-alcoholic twist to the classic Peach Bellini with its naturally sweet yet refreshing flavour, fizzes with life. Subtle floral notes of white jasmine perfectly paired with ripe, fragrant peach is a match made heaven.

“Floral, fruity and fragrant, this kombucha is refreshingly different and the perfect non-alcoholic drink for any celebration. I genuinely love it.” Liz Earle MBE

Heritage Kombucha is brewed using the finest organic farm-produced ingredients and specially matured to enhance its Champagne and Prosecco-like qualities. Simply pop the cork of a chilled bottle and enjoy an elegant glass of non-alcoholic, gut-friendly goodness. Keep a bottle or two cooled in the fridge, ready to enjoy at home or to take out to share with friends and family. Celebrate and enjoy life every day!

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Ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Jasmine tea, Organic Unrefined cane sugar, Organic Peach juice, Organic Kombucha culture.
Certified: Soil Association Organic, Vegan
Real Live, Raw & Unpasteurised Kombucha
Sugar: 3.7g/100ml
Calories: 18kcal/100ml
Organic Mighty Brew Heritage kombucha is brewed following a time-honoured fermentation process and specially matured to enhance its Champagne-like quality. Resulting in a delicious non-alcoholic drink that’s naturally low in sugar and high in live cultures. Made using an advanced three-stage water filtration system for purity. With zero flavourings, sweeteners, colours, preservatives, or GMOs. Being a raw organic product, batch variations may occur in appearance, colour or flavour, reflecting growing, fermentation and seasonal variations. This is artisan brewing at its best and we invest both love and dedication to the entire process, always reaping exceptional taste as a result. Available in cork and cage 750ml recyclable glass bottles.


Organic Heritage Jasmine Bellini is full of the subtle floral notes of white jasmine perfectly paired with ripe, fragrant peach. Despite their exotic origins, peaches have been successfully grown in the UK for hundreds of years, and they are a beautiful addition to any orchard. One of the first fruit trees to flower, their delicate pink blossoms perfume the early spring air, and in summer they offer an abundance of sweet and juicy fruit. Low in calories and high in fibre, peaches are a good source of vitamins A and C.

The jasmine plant is grown at high elevations in the mountains. The tea leaves are harvested in the early spring and stored until the late summer when fresh flowers are in bloom. Jasmine flowers are picked early in the day when the small petals are tightly closed. The flowers are kept cool until nightfall. During the night, jasmine flowers open, releasing their fragrance. This is when the tea scenting takes place. The scenting process may be repeated as many as six or seven times.

It is said that the first Bellini was poured in the summer of 1948 by Guiseppe Cipriani, inspired by his region’s renowned white peaches and world-famous sparkling wine. Cipriani was the founder and barman of the legendary Harry’s Bar in Venezia, frequented by glamorous celebrities such as Humphrey Bogart, Truman Capote, and Ernest Hemmingway. Cipriani was known for offering a considered menu of simple food and drink celebrating local seasonal produce.

Serving Suggestions

Ready Steady Serve
Heritage Jasmine Bellini has a vibrant colour and crisp aroma, with the sweet yet refreshing flavour of floral white jasmine, perfectly paired with ripe, fragrant peach. This kombucha is specially matured to enhance its Champagne and Prosecco-like qualities, for a more sophisticated sensory experience. Keep a bottle or two cooled in the fridge, ready to enjoy at home or to take out to share with friends and family. Serve in a champagne glass for the perfect celebratory non-alcoholic cocktail!

Simply pop the cork of a chilled bottle and enjoy a glass of gut-friendly goodness packed full of the flavours of summer – perfect for a celebratory occasion as a delicious non-alcoholic option. We recommend keeping any mixology wonderfully straightforward, as with any good Champagne or Prosecco adding big flavours can overpower the delicate subtleties of flavour.

Food Pairing

Celebrate with Heritage Jasmine Bellini on any occasion when you’re looking for a refreshing, sparkling non-alcoholic alternative to a Champagne or Prosecco-style cocktail. If you are longing for the magic atmosphere of Venetian streets where the Peach Bellini was born, then an ideal aperitif pairing is Venetian Cicchetti. These are small savoury snacks generally served on slices of bread or polenta. A sweeter alternative for brunch is to enjoy delicious Jasmine Bellini paired with pancakes and fresh fruit.

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