Wonderfully Warming Winter Chai Kombucha

Wonderfully Warming Winter Chai Kombucha

Mighty Brew Winter Chai Kombucha Helping To Support Good Gut Health

People from all walks of life are looking for better health and improved immunity. We are becoming increasingly aware that healthy gut bacteria is important for our overall well-being. One of the major roles of our gut bacteria, besides digesting our food, is the regulation of our immune system. To celebrate the Winter season Mighty Brew has brewed a delicious limited edition Winter Chai Kombucha to help support gut health during these colder months.

Wonderful, Warming Boost

The fragrant aroma of Winter Chai Kombucha with its comforting notes of carefully balanced ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and clove soothes the senses and gives a wonderful warming boost to lift the spirits on even the coldest or wettest of days. It’s packed with specially selected spices and brewed using Pu-Erh and Assam teas thought to help support good gut bacteria and aid digestion.

Inspired By The Histories Of Kombucha & Chai

Mighty Brew Kombucha is a fully fermented, raw and unpasteurised kombucha packed with live cultures. Our Winter Chai Kombucha is inspired by the rich histories of kombucha and traditional chai tea. 

  • Kombucha reportedly first appeared around 220 B.C. in ancient Manchuria, China and was revered for its healing properties. As a fermented drink, kombucha has been known as a good source of probiotics and can help improve the health of the intestinal cells and support the immune function. These good gut bacteria, minerals, vitamins, organic acids and nutrients are all indispensable for the proper functioning of the body. 
  •  Chai tea is fragrant, spicy black tea. According to legend the origin of chai dates back more than 5,000 years, when a king in what is now India ordered a spiced beverage to be created for use in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a traditional medicinal practice in which herbs and spices are used for healing. 

We brew our Mighty Brew Kombucha following time-honoured double fermentation techniques. Using only the finest sustainably sourced ingredients and pure botanicals. Made with water using reverse osmosis filters and purifiers for alkalisation and purity. It contains zero flavourings, sweeteners, colours, preservatives or GMOs. While also being Soil Association Organic and Vegan Certified.

Why We Select Organic Chai Spices

We have carefully selected the aromatic chai spices in our Organic Winter Chai Kombucha for their fabulous flavour and traditional health giving properties. Ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and clove are thought to aid proper digestion and may help regulate the immune system.

  • Black tea and cinnamon are thought to help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 
  • Cinnamon and ginger may help increase insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugars levels. 
  • Ginger, cinnamon and cloves, are believed to reduce nausea, prevent bacterial infections and support proper digestion. 
  • Cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, all have antibacterial qualities that may assist in preventing digestive issues caused by bacterial infections. 

Why We Brew Using Pu-Erh & Assam Teas

Our Organic Winter Chai Kombucha is brewed using not only traditional black Assam tea but also Chinese Pu-Erh tea for a full-bodied taste. Both these teas are believed to support the growth and maintenance of healthy bacteria in the gut. A thriving community of healthy gut bacteria is an essential component of proper immune function, helping to fight bad bacteria that can potentially make you ill.

  • Robust Organic Pu-Erh tea is a unique type of fermented tea from the Yunnan Province of China. Although there are other types of fermented tea like kombucha, Pu-Erh is different because the leaves themselves are also fermented as part of the special ageing process. This means Pu-Erh provides not only the benefits of tea but also those of fermented foods. Being fermented Pu-Erh is believed to be high in Vitamin C, as well as having higher concentrations of antioxidants than non-fermented teas. It’s thought this can help prevent illnesses such as the common cold and flu. Coming from the Camellia sinesis plant, Pu-Erh is also thought to have more antioxidants and disease-fighting catechism than herbal teas. 
  • Rich Organic Assam tea is a type of black tea that comes from the Indian state of Assam. It appears that the polyphenolic compounds in black tea may function like prebiotics in your digestive tract. Prebiotics are compounds found in various foods that support the growth and maintenance of healthy bacteria in your gut. 

Deliciously Good

The combination of Pu-Erh and Assam teas combined with the special chai spices means that our Mighty Brew Winter Chai Kombucha is a truly delicious dose of goodness!

 Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing Mighty Brew Kombucha is perfect for nourishing mind, body and soul.

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