Organic Summer Bliss Kombucha


At Mighty Brew Kombucha we love that the passing of the year is marked by different seasons and that each brings its own particular beauty. To celebrate the Summer season, we’ve brewed a limited edition Summer Bliss Kombucha. We were inspired by flower-scented meadows, hot sun-filled days and the gentle caress of a soft summer breeze.

Now is the time to take it easy and to enjoy a sunshine-filled bottle of our golden-hued kombucha. It’s bursting with bright, herbaceous notes of citrusy lemon verbena, naturally sweet linden and rose florals. Just sip, chill out and relax!

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Mighty Brew is authentic, raw and unpasteurised kombucha. Store your naturally lively kombucha chilled in the fridge for freshness and quality.
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Ingredients: Filtered water, Organic Sencha green tea, Organic Assam tea, Organic linden, Organic rose buds, Organic lemon verbena, Organic Unrefined cane sugar, Organic Kombucha culture
Real Live, Raw & Unpasteurised Kombucha
Sugar: 3.3g/100ml
Calories: 16kcal/100ml
Organic Mighty Brew Summer Bliss Kombucha is brewed following time-honoured double fermentation processes; bursting with live cultures, along with minerals, vitamins, organic acids and nutrients. Made using an advanced three stage water filtration system for purity. With zero flavourings, sweeteners, colours, preservatives or GMOs. Available in a handy 275ml recyclable glass bottle with a BPA and PVC free lid.


Roses are big, blousy summer blooms and their buds create a smooth gentle tea that feels like it could send you into pleasant daydreams almost instantly. Rose buds give our Summer Bliss kombucha a powerful yet delicate floral fragrance. Rose is traditionally thought to contain antioxidants to help improve skin and hair. As well as being good for digestion by helping good bacteria to grow in your digestive tract. The aroma of rose is also believed by many to be a mood enhancer and to have a positive, uplifting effect on our minds.

We selected linden for its naturally sweet flavour, slightly citrusy notes and strong but light floral taste. Linden trees blossom early and their flowers give a distinctly sweet smell and a sticky flower substance that can be used to make a type of honey. You can find linden trees throughout the temperate regions of North America, Europe, and Asia. Linden has been valued for its potent calming properties for hundreds of years. In folk medicine has often been used to relieve anxiety and soothe digestion.

The floral notes of rose and linden compliment the summer meadow qualities of Sencha green tea with its grassy, slightly sweet flavour and light umami astringency. We use the highly regarded Japanese Sencha green tea for the first fermentation. Sencha is not ground as with other teas. Instead the Sencha leaves are gently steamed, rolled, shaped and then dried to capture their distinctive flavour.

Serving Suggestions

Ready Steady Serve
Mighty Brew Summer Bliss Kombucha with its bright, herbaceous notes of citrusy lemon verbena and naturally sweet linden and rose florals has been brewed for you to sip, relax and enjoy wherever you are and whatever you’re doing! To serve, always chill well for maximum flavour, never shake the bottle and pour gently into a tall glass.

With its fragrant aroma and refreshing taste, Mighty Brew Summer Bliss Kombucha is great mixed with strawberries, elderflower and apple juice for a sparkling summer drink. Why not serve in a large jug with a handful of fresh mint, sliced cucumber and sweet strawberries for a fun, non-alcoholic alternative summer punch?

Food Pairing

Enjoy Mighty Brew Summer Bliss Kombucha as an accompaniment to a quick snack of dried apricots, a healthy crunchy salad, a bowl of summer fruits like strawberries and raspberries, or a tasty sweet based dessert.

Mighty Brew Awards
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