Create Your Own Big Bottle Box. Select six 750ml bottles of Mighty Brew Kombucha and fill your box with your favourite flavours. The combination choice is all yours – super simple!

Select from classic Sencha Kombucha, citrusy Lemongrass Kombucha, fragrant Jasmine Kombucha, herbal Hemp Kombucha, and delicate Elderflower Kombucha.

Organic Mighty Brew Kombucha is brewed following a time-honoured double fermentation process; bursting with live cultures, minerals, vitamins, organic acids and nutrients. Made using an advanced three-stage water filtration system for purity. With zero flavourings, colours, preservatives or GMOs. Available in glass bottles with BPA and PVC free lids.

Mighty Brew is authentic, raw and unpasteurised kombucha. Store your naturally lively kombucha chilled in the fridge for freshness and quality. Remember not to store your kombucha in warm temperatures, especially for long periods of time as this can cause further fermentation and a possible build-up of pressure in the bottle. It’s perfectly safe for your kombucha to be ambient for a few days whilst it is being shipped to you, so no need to worry about any of the good bacteria being harmed.
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Create Your Own Large Bottle Box

From: £34.14

To create your own box please select 6 bottles from the flavour options below.
  • Sencha - 750ml


  • Lemongrass - 750ml


  • Jasmine - 750ml


  • Hemp - 750ml


  • Elderflower - 750ml


  • Please select 6 items to continue…