Our Story

Mighty Brew Kombucha

A Need For Change

We arrived in London 15 years ago, our childhoods having been spent on the Baltic Coast surrounded by vast landscapes, huge skies and endless plains. We were raised in communities that have a deep respect for nature and ancient bio-dynamic farming practices.

London was a heady change of scene, consumed with big city living, we chased careers and material success. Life was lived day to day and although a lot of fun was had, there was a growing inner need for more fulfilment and renewing our connection with the natural world.

We met each other at exactly the right time for us both to embark on a mutual journey of growing awareness for the need to change both in our lifestyles and our impact on the environment.

Sharing Our Passion

In 2016, we fell in love with the craft of brewing fermented kombucha and this love has evolved into Mighty Brew Kombucha. Our brewery can be found in a little corner of the Hampshire countryside, just outside the historic city of Winchester. We take great pride in respecting time-honoured techniques to create the purest raw, unpasteurised form of this fermented botanical marvel. Every ounce of goodness is retained, leaving our kombucha bursting with life.

For us, it is a quest to understand and value what the Earth offers us with open hands. We truly believe in the nurturing power of the Organic ingredients and natural botanicals that we use to produce our Mighty Brew Kombucha. Our kombucha is made using an advanced three stage water filtration system for purity and is free from all artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and GMOs. It’s bottled in recyclable glass with BPA and PVC free lids. Certified Soil Association Organic and Vegan Certified.

Together we are dedicated to ethically sourced Organic and Vegan products and just as importantly, to the pursuit of the perfect taste!

Mighty Brew Kombucha